Crack in rear wheel at factory seam, what to do?

Went to get a tire changed and discovered cracks on either side of the rim where the factory seam is. I had it welded up inside and out for now. The dealership wanted ~$350 without a billet hub for Excel rim and spokes. cough, cough... No thanks, this is a backyard bike, I don't try to do freestyle jumping so I don't think I need that much of a rear wheel. I have found just the rear rim reasonably though.

Will the welded factory rim hold up you think? My guess is it will crack again but not for a while. In the meantime, I'll shop for a cheap Excel.

Anybody know how many spoke holes? Also, should I change wheel sizes while I'm at it? I have a MS3 110 / 90 - 19 on now and the rim looks a bit narrow for that. How about a smaller wheel like an 18"?


Search Ebay.

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