Anyone using honda's HP trans oil

I know thhe manual says its okay to use this oil, but I was rather concerned with the higher viscosity (75-90 i think?). My only concern comes with the fact they also recomend the same oil as the motor uses (10-40)

I use it in my '05 X with no problems. According to those who seem to know, there are different rating systems for trans fluids and oils. The Pro Honda HP Trans Fluid viscosity is rougly equal to a 10W-40 oil viscosity.

i use it in my fine.

I also use it in my trans :naughty:

I use it too

Me2 Works awsome :naughty:

same here

i tried it with my z-start and it didn't work well. i think it would work really well as long as you don't have a z-start. it grabbed too much. :naughty:

that's what i use

me too

worked fine with my z. What do you use now?

Thats what I wanted to hear!

This is actually the bikes first oil change, the motor only has 2-2.5 hours on it so far (first ride)

thanks for the input guys.

I use it too with HP4 w/Moly-B in the crank side. So far, so good! :naughty:

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