removing graphics??!!

Help! I'm trying to remove the factory graphics off the gas tank of my sons XR100, what a hassle! - There's got to be an easier way! Any suggestions? Thanks.

heat them up with a heat gun or blow dryer and they should peel off in one piece.

Hair dryer

ya a hair dryer will work!! and if you wash your bike with a powerwasher somtimes if you hit the graphics right it will peel them clean off!!

heat and a preasure washer - not only do the decals come off fast and easy, but your bike is squeeky clean when your done:)

Believe it or not, garden-variety paint stripper will easily remove stubborn graphics from plastic parts without hurting the plastic (just don't leave it on longer than necesary). The graphics will bubble fairly quickly. You'll need to follow with adhesive remover though as stripper will do nothing for the adhesive.


I used a hair dryer, and then once the graphice were off, I used WD-40 to wipe off the adhesive left behind.

Power washer will work great, hit them in a heavy angle and watch 'em fly off. How do i know you ask? I have done it...not on purpose of course.

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