backroad maps

I'm playing with the idea of riding from northern California to central Illinois this year, avoiding as much pavement as possible, but nothing too technical ... I'm familiar with the Transamerica Trail, but don't want to rough it quite that much, and can't spend a lot of bucks on roll charts and maps ... any free sources for maps similar to those ?? ... thanks for replies, in advance

I'm familiar with the DeLormes, good maps, but not too easy to carry a stack of those on my bike while cross-country ... I'm really looking for a smaller portable paper map that shows small gravel roads, etc ... I have GARMIN Roads and Recreation, guess I will just start using that to map a route ... thanks for replies

Does R&R cover the whole US or is there different versions for different parts of the US?

I have used a color copier to copy pages out of the Delorme Gazetteer. I then highlight the route I'm using and if a route goes bad I have "more map" to find alternative routes. I agree that the detail level is not really great but the map scale is nice for DS rides where you can cover some miles faster than a trail ride. Just an idea.

I'm "old School" and find the GPS displays too small, not enough detail and do not cover a big enough area. But I'm old fashion and comfortable with a map. I use a GPS as an aid but not as a map source.

same here, I'm a lot more comfortable with a paper map ... I think maybe I'll take the advice of photocopying just the pages I need, that'll work ..

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