Stabilizer protection

I just installed a new Emig Racing stabilizer and am curious about what some of you use for padding.

I am awful leary of that hunk of metal just sitting up there. In fact, I have whacked myself twice last weekend, once on the chest protecter and the second in the family jewels.... uh...very painful. :naughty:

I race all the WA state Off-road races so this will be huge gain for me but I also like to mx racing and some practic track riding along with some dune riding.


I have done the same thing and all the other people I have talked to say it's impossible. Let me tell you, it's not. Renthal has a prototype of a crossbar w/o a pad that loops over the stabilizer. It's not in production yet, but I don't think it will take too long. Just wear a cup.

better yet, strap the "cup" to the stabilizer !

Check out They have one for the scotts. Maybe it can be modded for yours.

Why not go buy some foam padding and make your own? I'm sure it wouldn't take more then an hour or two, and it would be a perfect fit. You could also use one of the Renthal bar ones, and modfiy it to cover down over the stabilizer.

Better yet, Set up your suspension correctly and remove it. Too many people use the dampener as a bandaid for poorly set up suspension. I am not saying that it can't be handy at times but it isn't needed nearly as much when your suspension is working correctly. I never use one. Most Euro riders don't either. Americans are the ones who insist on using them.



They help on tight twisty rocky single track ravines like the ones found in the desert.

Once I get to a certain speed head shake is inevitable but my bike is notorious for headshake(04 yz450f) I have had my forks revalved and still like using the stablilizer. Fast staights 4th gear full throttle still seems like it wants to throw me off.

They help on tight twisty rocky single track ravines like the ones found in the desert.

see, that's exactly where i find they don't help if your forks don't suck. i get zero deflection in low-speed rocks (PRS-revalved fork). i finally put a damper on my 250sx only for greater confidence/less upper body tension at speeds over 50mph in the dezert. even after using one on my 300 i had no desire to put one on my 250 for enduro or trailriding.

but, everyone is different, so whatever makes you feel more confident is a good thing.

if i were smacking into my damper, i'd be concerned about a few other things, like whether i was riding in control or not. i've never smacked into my handlebars or damper once, but i ride like a timid girl.


Actually it's when your traveling down the tight twisty single track ravines at a good pace and you come up on a deep sandy turn and your bike hits a hidden rock that was lightly covered with sand. The wheel deflects and wants to slide over the rock and tuck under. The dampner seems to allow my reactions to compensate for the deflection by slowing the deflection. Maybe it's my forks. My suspension was done by Precision Concepts and they're suppose to be pretty good for desert. Even some of the other desert riders seem to use dampners. Don't Ty Davis and Destry Abbott use dampners? Maybe they just get paid to use them but see no need for them? Who knows.

If I raced at the speeds the top Desert racers did , I would also probably use one. But most of us rarely go over 40 mph during a race. And if you do it is only for a few momemts. Desert racers do 60mph for extended periods of time. Dampeners do have their place but like I said , if you set up your suspension correctly you rarely need one. If I tried racing with MX style suspension , I would use one also.

Tight woods and trails is where most of us ride.


Actually it's when your traveling down the tight twisty single track ravines at a good pace and you come up on a deep sandy turn and your bike hits a hidden rock that was lightly covered with sand. The wheel deflects and wants to slide over the rock and tuck under.

my 250 forks generally don't deflect in that situation :naughty: . my 300 forks used to, but since i had dick's racing do the aps mod i sometimes have to look down to make sure the ground is still there.

but pretty much everyone who rides fast in the dezert uses a damper. i suspect there's a good reason. for me the reason is the high-speed stuff. imho, if your forks work great everywhere else and a damper cures the deflection you're talking about, then it's a good thing. i think dwight has a good point tho that many people that aren't riding at dezert speeds slap a damper on as a bandaid on a spiky fork or a rear-end that's riding too high.


Everyone is absolutly right, people spend 500$ on a damper but wont spend the same on their suspension. people spend 500$ on their suspension, dont buy a damper never ride over 40-50mph and never need one. in desert racing we go fast for a long ways and a stabalizer is a great addition to a well setup bike. I for one really could not imagine trying to get a drink 40 miles into a race while in fourth WFO with out a damper. i also truly believe that i have been saved by mine more than once.

my not so humble opinion


oh yeah, what are all these trree things youre talking about, never seen one out here!

I didn't notice a huge difference in high speed stability pre and post dampner. I slide my forks down and played with the compression and rebound for high speed stability. What I did notice was those big awkward hits where I may be on a long sweeping turn and the bar almost rips out of my hands. I think to myself, "Damn I wonder what would have happened had the dampner not have been there."

To say that most rider don't need them is a little short sighted IMO. Riders with your skill and in your type of trails might not need them if their suspension is done correctly.

If you ride the so cal dez, you spend a significant amount of time over 40mph. Probably over 50+. We don't have any trees. We have lots of rocks. Fun hidden ones with a half inch of sand over them waiting to rip your bars out of your hands. When you hit those at a funny angle at 50+, you're thanking GOD for your stabilizer. Any time you feel like the bar is going to be ripped out of your hands, that stabilizer is king. I do agree about the suspension though. Suspension first, stabilizer next. I do not need it on a day to day or hour to hour basis, but when I saves me from hospital bills that would cost 100X's what the little guy cost me.

Back to the original post though - have you considered the GPRv2.0 under the bars stabilizer. Your original problem with hitting the stabilizer was the very reason I chose the v2.0.

I ride in tight twisty Eastern single track and have found that clipping the bark off of pine trees with the hand guards is the norm for me. It may only be at 25mph but the impact zone from my head to the tree is very close. The Scotts has saved me many times. But I do think it induces arm pump a bit no matter what the setting.


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