Any reports on the 2001 WR426F ??

I have heard and read quite a bit about the WR400F and the YZ426F, but not much seems to be written about the newest WR426.

I know it doesn't arrive until December, but someone has to have ridden this bike... I can't seem to find articles in the trade rags either.

Does anyone have any info on this new bike? I have money down on one (just to hold my spot in line in case it's a good bike) and now am trying to do my research..



at the risk of stateing the obvious Rod-nobody has got one yet to tell ya!!!

look at the technical feature to the left of the screen. click in & go to the bottom of tips'n'tricks. there you will see a dyno graph.

there is a whole at the bottom of the curve. the extra 26cc is going to really help sort this & one of the last slightly weak points on this model will have been sorted.

look up & down this site. how many problems of ANY MECHANICAL NATURE WHATSOEVER do you see. none, zilch.

which leaves one question, how quickly can you get back here having bought one & tell us how good it is?


Mine should be in any day now, just waiting and waiting..

I'll keep you posted when I get it!

Does the canadian model WR come with the throttle stop?

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