TC450 cam specs

Does any one have any info about stock 04 or 05 cam specs or know where I can find them?

Cam timing specs are in the '05 service manual that you can download.

Werent in the manuals on the website. Which ones were you refering to?

I saw lash figures but I need actual lift, and duration specs.

Max lift

intake is 9mm

Exhaust 8mm

Inlet specs

Valve open at 55° before TDC

Valve close at 109° after BDC

Maximum valve lift at 115° after exhaust TDC

Exhaust cam Spec

Valve open at 73° before BDC

Valve close at 45° after TDC

Maximum valve lift at 105° before exhaust TDC

This is 05 TC spec.Don't ask where I got the specs from (Factory!)


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