Real quick carb question?

I've got fuel dripping, well pouring really, from the black hose connected to the base of the float bowl on my carb.

Would I be correct in assuming I have a needle/seat problem and need to take the carb off (AGAIN :naughty: ) and clean the needle/seat? What should the float level be?

If not, what's my DRZ's major malfunction? :naughty:


Possibly stuck float boal try a lite tap on the float bowl with the handle part of a hammer.

Just had the carb apart, float isn't stuck, it would have to be in the needle/seat.


Thanks Burned. :naughty:

Even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. :naughty:


where's burned??

Sometimes a float will stick in the down position right after a carb has been apart. It is always worth a shot to give a gentle tap with the plastic end of a screwdriver. I always do this the first time I turn the gas on after a carb overhaul.

OK, I'm still struggling with this. I can't believe it.

The needle has a rubber tip, but should there be a rubber o-ring inside the valve? I don't have one that I can find.

I have the carb apart, everything is clean, I adjusted the float level according to the service manual (the section on this SUCKS) at 9mm. I had to bend the little metal tab down towards the needle slightly.

If I just connect it to the the fuel tank, it pours out the float bowl overflow like it's just pouring directly out of the fuel tank. I can rattle the float easily, so I don't think it's sticking.

Any ideas on what I'm missing?


Another question - How do I get the valve seat out to check the o-ring that's supposed to be in behind it?



If you have not had it out, it is unlikely to be the probem. Remove the float. Remove the retainer screw and pull the seat out. When you set the float, did you make sure the spring tip in the needle was not depressed? Are you sure the anti-slosh baffle in in correctly? Has the bike sat unused for a long time? The rubber tip can go bad. Looks good but leaks like hell.

Thanks Noble.

I finally got it all sewn up yesterday. Thorough cleaning and setting the float level properly helped. :naughty:

Anyhoo, got it all back together and it's running pretty well. I think I'm a little rich throughout, but for just riding to work and back, I like it that way.

I'd have to monkey with it a little more to perfect it, but for now, it's time to ride. :naughty:

Thanks to all who replied.


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