xr100 cr80 front end swap

If I got a set of cr80 front forks and triple tree will they just slide in and replace the stock triple tree and forks ?

possibly, if you got really old ones that have the small steerer tube, but not new ones. new ones, you will need to reweld the headtube to fit. also, you would want to do the aussie lift or get a WP shock and bbr swingarm to raise the rear end.

If you use the USD forks you have to make a new stem and press it in.

They are old forks, like 85 or 87. Also, whats an aussie lift ?

an aussie lift is rewelding the rear pivot to give a higher ride height

You will still need to make a new stem but with those forks you have to weld it into the tripple clamp since that is what they are stock.

Hmph. Is there a write up or something that would show me how to do all this ? What year forks will fit into my stock stem ?

80-81 CR80 will fit the stock clamps.

Thanks a bunch guys. Anyone know of a site that can show me how to do an aussie lift?

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