'05 EXC computer

It looks like wheelsize (WS) is permanetly fixed at 2205. In your experience, is it accurate? Is there any way to change it (Get a trailtec)?

I'm sure it's adjustable I just can't tell you exactly how on the 05's. On the 03/04 version, you get into setup mode, toggle until WS is flashing and then hit the = or - keys to increment or decrement.

2205 is right on , but + or - will change it . now if i could just get the max to dead right 116mpr and a didnt get out of 4th

MAX is displayed in kilometers per hour and according to KTM can not be changed to mph like the speedo and odo can.

I'm sure it's adjustable I just can't tell you exactly how on the 05's. On the 03/04 version, you get into setup mode, toggle until WS is flashing and then hit the = or - keys to increment or decrement.

WS does not look like it comes up on the option bars at the top or bottom of the screen. The computer shows it briefly on the screen with 2205 when it goes through the setup. Manual does not list it as a function you can change.

Sorry, I can't help anymore on the 05 as I just haven't played with one. There should be a way to get into setup mode and toggle to it.

Thanks Jeb.

First thing to do it check it against the known 1/2 mile and mile markers on our road. I clocked them with a newer car electronic ODO having 100th increments. If it's close, that's fine with me, if not I will trail-tec it at some point. Anyone else having '05 info on can post.

Neither of my speedo's were very reliable but the read accurately at 2205.

Thanks Gary, I'll ride that marked mile and check it out first. There is one thing I found. When you hold down the mode or 'O' button, a display comes up with CONT. The number behind it goes from CONT 0 to CONT 255. I'm sure it's calibration for the ODO because you have to be in the ODO function to activate it. A little more experimentation may be in order.

You're getting there. Holding the mode button down on one of the displays should take you to the setup mode. Doesn't your owners manual show you how to get into setup mode?

It seems to for all the functions we can access. WS for wheelsize is absent of description in the manual. it only states that it shows as 2205 during the setup. Likewise this CONT variable I found in the ODO mode is not identified or discussed in the owner's manual. 2205 is accurate to within 15' when I checked a 1/2 mile marker I know is accurate. For trail riding and maintenance records, it's good enough. I did not experiment further with the CONT function to see if it impacts wheel size settings.

On my Avocet Bicycle Cyclometer to achieve precise calibration you sit on the bike with the valve stem at the lowest point and put a mark on the ground there. Have a friend roll you until the valve stem again is at its lowest point and place a mark there as well. Measure the distance in inches and multiply that figure by 25.4 to get the calibration # in mm.

If the trouble is getting the custom figure into the bloody unit, I'm out of advise other than emailing the manufacturer.

Have you gotten that puppy dirty yet? If so, what's the call? Worthy or what? Feeling like there's loads of adjustments to do or is it pretty close stock?


I put an hour on it using 4- 15 min cycles of ride easy and wait 10. I've still got 4 30's to go with a little more throttle. They put some decent tires on it as I went to the Mt Hood Nat'l forest which is out the back door vs the Trask. It was wet and slick, traction on the stock Bridgestone tires was very good. The suspension was tuned by Richard right off the bat with a JD kit installed. It runs well. I am adding a 12 oz trail-tec for better bottom end throttle control. The '05 is down 4 oz on the flywheel per tech info from trail tec. This would get the bike up to a plus 8 oz for winter riding.

The suspension and handling are excellent. I can almost turn a 360 on one foot. Throttle off the very bottom is a little grabby. The flywheel should give enough control to do that. Dual star grip heaters, IMS 3 gal tank and the extra wheels I got for winter studs put the bike in the same shape as my KLX300 was for years- ready to go. It is very nice to be able to gas the front end over obstacles. It's nice and quiet, super agile, and real responsive.

With 27 shifts left at work I am looking forward to a more trail miles on the new EXC.

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