Getting Bikes Street legal in California is Possible

If you have the time it is still possible to get bikes street legal in California. I have heard that if you get a EPA emissions sticker from a street legal bike and put it on your dirt bike you should be able to get a plate for it. You must have a green sticker bike for this to work. The tough part is getting the sticker. I tried ordering a fender from a street legal bike that has the sticker on it but the sticker was not included and cannot be ordered separately. I am still working on finding out more info. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a 05 WR450 I would like to get a CA plate for because I am selling my 02 WR426 that has a CA Plate.

Beene, this is Justin C.

Doesn't the 05 come Cali certified, that is why it has the green sticker, right?

Can't you come up here to Fresno and get one at the motorcycle wrecker. I think it is down on Jensen?

However I found on DMV's site this:

New registration guidelines effective for off-highway motorcycles converting to on-highway or dual registration purchased on or after January 1, 2004, will require verification of the emission label.

I don't know how they would verify it though?

How was Mexico?


Mexico was great. Rode lots and had plent of Cevezas (beer). I really got to use my GPS for the first time. As far as the registration thing. My buddy went to the DMV and the guy in front of him was trying to get a plate for a bike that he had in the back of his truck and just read off what the sticker said cause she did not want to crawl into the truck. Also the sticker is pretty simple and would be pretty easy to make. What are you riding these days? Still have the dr-z400? I have a WR450, WR426, WR250, PE400, XT125, and XR650R. Working at a motorcycle shop is like an alcoholic working at a liquor store.

I'm riding a wr450 these days. Where do you keep all those bikes? Still ride the dunes? I need a suggestion on a paddle for mine. I might be heading over there for Memorial Weekend, and thought I'd do some riding (against the guidance of many).

if u can pull the sticker off of a bike @ a wrecker, then u might wanna consider "neanderthal motorcyle pick-apart" its down in in fontana. or walk thru a motorcycle shop with a razor blade and a sponge! haha

im sending my bike out to alabama to my parents house to get it street legal out there. if u figure out how to do it out here, let me know, it will save me some time.

I too have a 05 WR450 I would like to get a CA plate for, and would like to hear back if you pursue this route, successful or not.... Thanks.

Please Help!! all the same qwestions, but just for florida.

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