Bags for Off road

Hi guys , does any of you can recommande the best tank bag and bum bag for off road driving , I looking to go back for a 14 days rally in Cambodia and i need to get some new one.

hendi :naughty::naughty:

The fox butt bag might be a bit small for a long rally, but it holds a lot and has held up well for me.

It holds a fair number of tools.

Get a frontfender toolbag for tire-irons and spare tubes.

Dave has some great bags. Especially if you want a front fender bag, rear fender bag or numberplate bag. They're coming out with a fanny pack bag this month too. Very highly recommended.

Thanks to all of you guys and by the way if any off you are interested I will be going to Cambodia in January 14 Days off road ??????let me know.

Dirt Bike Gear is awsome stuff, very well built and inexspensive. :naughty:

Wolfman stuff is also top notch. The Enduro tank bag is perfect size IMO. I also like teh Mini Betta for the long trips. :naughty:

Riding with a back pack :D

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