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KX rear shock and etc. (PICS)

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Ok, i went out and took some pics of some of the stuff to give more detail on how it was done.

First off we are goin to start with the Triple clamp. We brought it to a a Machine shop and had the stem seat drill so the stem would go up 1/4" and put a set screw in to hold. We had to do this so we could mount it on the CRF frame. Heres the pics:



Here are some pics of the KX rear shock mounted on the CRF.



This is what we had to do to make the KX shock fit. We had to grind the frame alittle to make it mount of top. The bottom mounted perfectly but the piggy back was in the way of the frame. We also had to add 2 washers on each side of the top of the shock cause it wasnt as wide as the CRF to help it fit. We also ened up putting the BBR CRF spring on it. But it was about 1" to long so we had to have it put on with a 12 ton press. We are goin to have the stock one took in and take about 1 1/2" off of it so we can mount it on so there isnt so much preload. And we are takin it in so we can have it cold cut. Heres the pics.




Here is the CRf250R brake line that we mounted on the bike. The CRF150F line was to short and we were on ebay and picked this up off of a 2005 CRF250R for $15 and it mounted perfect and looks perfect.



We were at the honda shop and acouple of people say to get these to take pressure off the forks. These forks build up alot of pressure so we got them and they say it helps save the seals to last longer. They are the Motion Pro Fork Bleeders.


Last, here is a sticker that i got from cowboyona426 on ATM. I never got to meet Garrett but always wanted a sticker to run on my bike to show my support. Chase gave me these stickers for free. I cant thank him enough. Thank you. :D



Well sorry for the long post put i went out to get pics of everything to show what i did, Enjoy. :naughty::naughty:

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wow, looks good, by your sig it look like way more than 2,500 bucks spent!!!!


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