Edelbrock tuning after big bore/stroked

I recently had my crank done by Powroll. My 250 is now a 291cc :naughty:

While breaking it in I noticed the stock like hesitation is back, low rpm to wide open.

Once it gets past the hesitation it runs like a raped ape.

There is no poping on decel and I think I have the Idle to 1/3 mixture set close. It was working great with just the 77mm big bore.

Should I give it more pump?

77mm weisco piston

crank stroked by Powroll

Try giving it more pump (quick & easy to do). Also call Edelbrock and ask them as they may recommend you send your carb in to have it bored a bit larger, which may further increase your performance with the combo you have.

qadsan , thanks for the info. will call edelbrock to see what they say

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