Newbie choke question

Hi guys..great forum. I have a question that I'm sure has an obvious and easy answer. I just got a 230 and have riden about 15 miles. The bike doesn't seem to want to start with the choke fully on, even cold. It will usually start in either of the other two positions. If I turn the choke fully on right after starting it (just to see what happens) it dies. I'm assuming it's flooding out...does this sound normal? The temperature is around 70. Again, i'm new to all this, so I just wanted to make sure my new 230 is running alright! Thanks!

Dont worry about it. Start your bike, let it warm up and ride.

Just out of curiosity, and because I have no knowledge when it comes to this sort of it normal for the engine to die after it's warmed up and the choke is turned back on full?

When u begin to start the bike, u might want to try putting the choke on full for about 2 kicks. Then if it doesnt start, then go to half and start it there. Let it warm up and then put it to no choke and go have fun. Yes, the engine will most likely die when the choke is put on full after it has been warmed up.

the 230 has no kick start

yes, it will die if you turn it on after its hot.......

try starting it when its cold in this order....

puller' out, turn choke onto FULL, kit the button, after it fires listen, if it is blubbering turn it to HALF.....sit there for about 30 sec-1 min......turn OFF choke.....KINDA HARD TO EXPLAIN THIS, YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOUR ENGINE IS DOING FIRST.

and then have phun!!!!!!!!

woodjh, Ride_for_Red is on the money. I've got my 230 and the temps here in VA are just breaking 60. I need to use the full choke for 10-15 seconds, the half choke for 1 min, then off. I have to twist the throttle in short, quick succession for about the first minute, then it will idle by itself. Just don't rev the crap out of it when it's cold, only enough to keep it from dying...good luck and you'll get used to it eventually. :naughty:

you may have to set your idle screw to let it idle lower

Wow, thanks for all the great responses. It's good to have a place to go with newbie questions and not get flamed.

The idle was set very high, so I set it low. I haven't had a chance to start it up cold since then, but I'll give it a whirl today.

Thanks again guys...

Half choke changes the intake properties more than enriching the mixture like full choke does. It shouldn't have hurt anything.

on my 150 i have to start it in the middle position or it WONT start

you may have to set your idle screw to let it idle lower

what are you talking about???? no, /w/ theses bike they have no acellator pump on them, you will have to set the idle HIGHER or just twist on the throttle a lil bit more. :naughty:

I tried again last night to start the bike after sitting for 24 hours. On full-choke, it turns over, acts like it's started for about 1 second, then dies. Then I can move it to half choke and it starts up fine. Should it actually run for a little while full-choked? Thanks again for all the help...

Full choke is for cold starting only. You should immediately go to middle choke, then choke off when vaguely warm.


i know i said it b-4 but mine only starts on middle position! not tried it on the top for a while, not going to try either starts fine on middle dont mess with a good thing.

If it starts in detent or run (the other two positions) then don't worry about whether or not it starts with the choke. If the temp drops to about 40 or 50 you will probably have to use the full choke, just keep doing 2 or 3 button pushes with each setting till it starts.

If it makes any difference... When my 230 had the 132 main(still does) and 42 pilot it had trouble warming up. I had to sit with the bike for maybe 5 minutes or so flipping between full and mid choke. Ever since I installed the 45 pilot the bike starts first push of the button, then I flip the choke lever directly to mid choke, then just seconds later I flip the choke off. But watch out for that choke lever. If you flip it off too much it gets mad and flips one back to you!


DirtDaddy- Whats your elevation?

About 500 - 3000 ft. elevation.


my 230 may be different but i think that i've got it down! Im in about 70 degree weather and it may work for you! When you first get it out put it on full choke press the start button hold it for maybe 2-3 seconds and play with the throttle (I hold it and then give it full throttle). Once it hits just get it warm and every now and then lower it a level and if it doesn't wind up well then put it back to that level of choke you were at. Just keep on lowering it slowly and let it get warm and youll be fine.

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