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Tag Metal 22mm offset clamps for YZ...wow.

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I bought this kit off of ebay a few days ago.


Why? Number one is I love trick stuff. Number two, I was able to ride a 05 Suzuki RM 250, a 04 CR 250 Honda, and a 05 CRF 450.

I liked these bikes a great deal. I fully intended to trade in my old 97 YZ 250 on Monday. I slept on the idea and figured out a few things. The thing I disliked about my bike was the handling. The steerign felt heavy. The bike was hell for stable, but slow responding compared to the newer bikes.

For under 300.00 I hoped these clamps might give me another season out of the old yz. This bike is as clean as any works bike despite its age. Any trade or sale woudl let me take it in the shorts money wise.

UPS delivered the clamps at 1204 this afternoon. By 108pm I had them installed and was ready to ride. After 50 feet I knew I made a good decision. The steering is light. The bike turns like the RM. The stable feel is there as well. For the old 97 it is a no lose deal. The kit included a new lower bearing, stem, race and bearing. The ionstall took about 20 minutes. So far I am shocked and in love. This bike will not be traded for a while.

It just so happens my step son left his 2001 YZf 465 in my garage. I offered to re-grease his steering head bearings (ha, ha)....

This work was for you guys. The newer YZ's and YZf's have a 1/2 degree steeper steering head than my old 97. All other geometry is identical.

Hell, his steering head was apart...lets install my YZ forks and 22mm offset triples on the beast.

The steering was much lighter. Very 05 CR like. I expected that. Now it was time for a high speed run. I saw no possible way that this bike would not be twitchy and scary at high speed.

I topped thsi beast out in 4th gear. Somewhere around 65 mph according to my gps. I had to back off then due to the area being slightly small to test high speed runs.

To mu surprise the bike felt as stable as ever. Nothing scary or concerning. Just a normal YZ..

This is a great mod for the YZ/YZF's 2003 or older. The newer forks are too large to work with this old triple clamp set. You lucky 04 and 05 owners are ass out this time!

If you are trying to stretch another year or two out of your 98, 99, 00, 01 or 02 YZF read no further. Click buy it now.

Was my step son impressed with his YZF? Well, he ordered a set. I believe this leaves three available for purchase.

I dont know the seller. I get nothing if these are bought or not. He did ship fast and is great to work with.

The coolest part is the cost. 277.00 shipped to my door. This includes an upper and lower clamp set. Stem, bearing, bar pad and lower race. I did not need to change my lower race. It also included a set of oversized tag bars (89.00)

I can sell the new tag bars for 60.00 or so. My old applied clamp should fetch another 75.00. The new tag bar pad should get 15.00. 277.00-135-15 equals 127.00 total out of pocket. How can you beat that ?

This is a great mod for the older bikes. On a 1-10 scale I will give this kit a 12. I would rate it higher if it installed itself.

Pictures of the installed kit available on request...


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Dang, if I weren't broke I may give them a whirl too... hopefully they'll still have some when I have some $ to throw at them.

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The guy has three more sets, I hear. The money is not all that bad. I believe I will end up selling my Applied clamp and th enew tag bars. This is the perfect upgrade for the folks using the 7/8" bars.

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