i have an 05 rm-z 250 its hard to start when its cold

my 04 starts great a guy at motox had probs starting his 05 too i think he may have put an electric start on ?

My 04' has its moments. Most of the time 1-2 kicks cold, however every onve in a while, I wear my leg ot. I think its just 4-stroke thing??

i have an 05 rm-z 250 its hard to start when its cold

I have an 04 model, 42 pilot fitted. I always give mine a quick twist of the throttle, full choke and kick from top dead centre. Away she goes.

I always like to find top dead centre when I'm kicking it even with the auto decomp. It fires up easier. Also, make sure your not twisting the throttle when you kick it over. A lot of people do it, not realising that they are and loading up the motor.

I will usually turn up the idle when it's cold.

I think your carb-setting is bad... There have to be a reason to why i won´t can´t just be hard to start!

Check your carb-setting and how warm it´s were you live!

When you get the bike going, when it starts up... do you have to run it on the choke all the time? or it goes fine when it starts?

I allways drive my bike like..100 meters with the fuel vavle closed before i´m stopping the bike for the day!

I don´t know why...but it feels good if there´s less fuel in the carb when it stands if some 8 year old kid snapping the throttle there won´t get that mutch fuel in the cylinder.

Replay your pilot numbers and how warm it´s were you live :naughty:

My 04 starts around the third kick when it's above 32 degrees and when it's below freezing it takes a couple more kicks.

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