Need some wheels!!!

DAMM!!. With the price of fuel going up I need a set of wheels for my 03 DRZ 400,s??. So I can swap from offroad to street as needed!!. I used to see wheels available all the time?, I'm not seeing them anymore???. I can drive my bronco, (about 12 MPG), or my 1 ton, (about 8 MPG), of course when I can get it?, my wifes 03 GT Mustang!!, Never mind?, not only don't I get it much but the car is just to much fun to drive & I'd probably lose my drivers licsence!!!. A spare set of wheels for the DRZ would be a good thing. Any S/M guys out there want to sell some wheels??, (CHEAP). :naughty:



me six!!!!!!!!!! :naughty::naughty:

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