Road Worthy

How is the 400s on the road,can you cruse at 70mph or is it very buzzy. I am looking to ride freeway at 70mph what can I do to make it rev lower.Thanks :naughty:

You can cruse 70. It is buzzy. You can raise the final gearing to decrese the RPM. It is a dual spot bike not a street bike. I run 15/46 and live with the buzz. Not too bad. Actually the engine is smoother at 70 than 60.

i used to have 15/40 on my drz sm

and it wasn't buzzy at all, it could be ya dual sport tyres.

The DRZ can do 70mph all day long...and some do. If you need to go that fast for a long time, IMHO you should look elsewhere. This is a bitchin' dirt bike that will allow you to cruise on the freeway, but if regular, long, high-speed commutes were on my agenda I would be shy. My commute is a punishing 100 miles round trip. If it were half that, I'd the ride the DRZ everyday.

cruise 70? I do it all of the time. With 15/47 gears. It will do it no problem.

Well, if I was commuting I would use at least a 15 front and a 42 rear with street tires. Maybe even a 16 front. I run 15x47 with DOT off-roads and it will do 70 mph no problem but sustaining that would be a real PITA. 'Course, where I ride there ain't much black-top. I can't imagine an hour commute both ways. They'd have to shoot me! Perhaps a V-Strom? :naughty:

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