Hitch mounted MC Carrier

Hey guys,

Any suggestions/opinions regarding hitch mounted motorcycle carriers? I have an XR650R that I'd like to occasionally haul without pulling my trailer, so I'm looking for a good quality carrier.

Cabella's has one for $180, but I'm not sure if that's the best choice.

Any input/opinions will be appreciated.


I read this review last year and I bought this carrier for about $220 and I have been real happy with it. I have used it every weekend for about 8 months on some real rough roads and it is fine carrying my heavy XR600. I have seen a lot of cheaper models and the Sportcarrier is built real well and the design for the tie-downs is good because it comresses the whole suspension as you ratchet it down since the straps pull back on the bike, not forward like we're used to. Last Dec., I was rear ended by a moron in a pickup at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere with my bike on the back and it bend the left side of the carrier in about a foot. I was able to pull it back straight and it is as good as new. This is a quality, innovative carrier and I would recommend it for any big, heavy dirt bike. It has a 400 lb. capacity. I did buy

a folding aluminum ramp for $50 at Walmart with a 700 lb. capacity and it works great. It sure beats pulling a trailer for one bike. Walt :naughty:


Made my own, note that it doesnt actually fit in the receiver, but does use the hitch frame. Even rewired 3rd brake lights {intended to fit into unused receivers} for 1157 bulbs for turn and brakes. And it carries 2 bikes, but you could set your up for a single. Very, very strong setup!!




Robert :naughty:

wow , impressive . whats on end of square tubing ? Bumpers ? Is the tubing 2" and how did you mount to unberside ? drill and bolt ? how many & dia of bolts . You take on and off always?

Tail lights on the end of each tube. 2in tube, 1/4in wall, just slips into the ends of the hitch crossmember. The rails have bolts welded on, and keep it from coming back out until the wingnuts and hitchpins are removed. I remove it, it only takes a couple minutes. Sticks out 5ft or so, would want to drive it like that without some load on it, red rails and reflective tape or not!!!!


Thanks for the input guys.

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