91 650 dr hard starting

Anyone out there have a good technique to kick starting a 91 dr 650 from cold.Just bought the bike and I love it (when I can get my friend to start it from cold)it's really frustrating,have tried every way I know how.There was a guy on here yesterday had same problem but came up with a solution.Problem is he didn't say what it was.I think he called himself broken leg,I can understand why! any advice would be welcome.

Is the dr a Suzuki ? there is a section for model specific in the forums...

Go there, You may have better luck getting a answer, Also do a search..

mine isnt

mine isnt


When was the last time the valves were checked?

Is the decompression lever working?

Carb clean and adjusted?

Pull the de-comp lever, slowly push kickstarter till the de-comp lever clicks back into position. Let the kick starter come all the way up and then kick through the full stroke. Mine would start 2 kick every time, hot or cold.

Be sure NOT to touch the throttle.

Good luck

My 92 DR was virtually impossible to start with anything less than premium gas in it. Otherwise, just pull the decomp lever in (it will stay in) then slowly move the KS lever until the lever pops up. Now, you're at TDC. Re-cock the lever and kick it through.

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