'06 Kx250f

I'm looking at the pic in TransworldMotoX of the Japanese national alloy framed '06 KX250F...Is it just me or does the linkage look different? I think our linkage has one of them going thru the swingarm, with our little rubber gaskets cover the bolts. This one looks like the linkage sits lower, maybe plusher suspension???

Yes it is back to the style from 02 and back, not sure what difference it will cause though.

The '06 linkage is similar to the 2004/2005 linakage and not the '02 style. The '02 had the rocker mounted from the frame, while the '04/05 and '06 are mounted from the swingarm. Difficult to say exactly what they changed here but this allows the shock to be mounted lower in the chassis and I would imagine the linkage ratio is different.



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