Hot engine restart difficulties.

Been noticing a little issue with hot starts. After riding, and engine is hot, if I shut down the bike, then in a couple minutes later try to fire it back up, it wont start. The Elec start just cranks but no action. If I sit for a while it will start.

Stopped to help a small boy who had wiped out. Took about 3 minutes to get him back up, get his dad over there. Mount my hot bike and it wont start. Had to do alot of choke on, choke off, idle way up, idle way down until it started. Not even sure what actually got it to start - all the tinkering or just the moment to cool down.


Its uncorked, rejetted as per stickey, clip in 4th position, fuel screw about 2 turns out, BBR muffler about 2 weeks old. Seems like a new development.

did bbr tell you thoes parts are a-okay????? may wanna try fatter jets?????? :naughty:

Not sure what you mean baout the bbr statement. Meaning is the exhaust system OK (non defective)? May try a fatter jet. Dumb question - fatter means larger number right? And we are talking about the main I assume. Didnt coeshoe recommend a 120 at some point.....

well i was talking about fatter (yes, larger) main because allowing more exhaust flow means a leaner condition........

coeshow was stating a 120 main WITH STOCK EXHAUST AND BAFFLE REMOVED

call bbr and ask them what jets they reccomend for their pipe......should be around a 45-46 piolet, 132-135 main and the needle via stickey, and fuel screw 1.5-2.0 turns out......

just gonna have to play /w/ it... have phun! :naughty:

To clarify my tests, CRF230 jetting also closer with 120 main jet AND BBR exhaust

Hard hot starting is a symptom of a too rich, not lean, pilot circuit.

Changing the main jet will not correct your starting at all. It may be a good idea to change it to the 120 that coeshow prescribed to get more upper end performance, but it will not cure your starting woes at all.

Remember the jetting stickey. Look at which jet controlls which circuit. When you're starting it, you are not using any throttle. Hence, the problem is your pilot jet or fuel screw.

Your best bet (and also the cheapest) will probably to be to turn in the fuel screw about 1/4 of a turn.

Thanks for the info guys!!! I will test the leaning out of the system and report.

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