Syracuse area guys- Hey! Dinner!

Hey! I'm in temp housing at my new job... Bored!

Anyone up for dinner wed or thurs, maybe sometime next week?



I'm down in Binghamton NY, about an hour south. Good tap beer up in 'Cuse, check out Clarks:-)

Anyway, are you up there perm.?? I'd be up for a meet sometime so I can swill up some knowledge, I'm a bike newbie and don't know sh*t LOL (I ride sleds and hate summer so I'm gonna try DS riding to see if it helps pass the time).

Hey, Phreak. yeah, I'm only temp living until a house closing, then it'll be all of us up here- wife, kids, dog, and bike!

Dual-sport is my thing, that's why I've got an XR650L! Check out the possibility of putting street-crap on a dirt-bike, if NY allows.

Want to meet halfway and chow? Or up around here? Or a good spot in Bing?


I just confirmed today I'm pretty screwed for the next two weeks time-wise, but maybe I could squeak up next week or something! Do you know your way around Syracuse pretty well??


A group of guys will be doing some DS riding Ithaca/ Cortland area, not too far for you. Local independent bike shop will host a few informal rides. A few big 2 day National DS rides not that far... Mill Hall PA, Hancock NY. Our club(Ithaca Dirt Riders) have had a 2 day National DS in the past, but interest has been low the last few years. PM me if you are interested.


Phreak, I'm getting to know it pretty well.

Lket me know.


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