Dr.D exhaust for CRF150 !!


I have a new Dr.D exhaust system for Dyno tests. Dubach racing has developed a pipe for the 150 and I am testing one to give the company some useful data and information.

The pipe is clearly one of the finest constructed pipes I have ever seen for these bikes (like all of Dr.D pipes) The entire exhaust is made from stainless steel, and the muffler is a "D" shape and is made from aluminum.

I will be testing shortly on a stock CRF150 and 230. I've been informed that Dr.D may also be manufacturing a separate exhaust for the 230, but I am going to test this one on a 230 also for comparative data purposes.

Look for Dr.D CRF150 exhaust to be available now or very soon!! It is definitely an awesome pipe!!

cool beans, I need a better pipe than my BBR

Sweet. I'm in no hurry to change out my pipe and would love to see a dyno chart on DR. D. I was kinda leaning towards Pro Circuit or White brothers just to be a little different than the BBR/Big Gun crowd, which seem to be the standard. No one responded to my post for some Pro Circuit feedback a while back.

I'm surprised your not happy with the BBR cdaledh . Most seem pretty happy with those.

Be looking forward to the results.

I am curious to see the results. I have a Big Gun already but I've always liked the look of Dr. D.(I've only seen photos) If you get good results I might have a complete Big Gun Race Series for sale!!

Cheers, :naughty:

The only problem I have with the BBR is that it is loud!!!

cdaledh... wanna trade for a WB R4... it isn't as loud... and makes good power...

If you want to get rid of your BBR... let me know... I am wanting to try one...


hey coeshow how bout some pics, if you can, im not dumb i under stand some legal stuff

Is it possible you may be withdrawing your BBR muffler recommendation of a couple months ago ? And I just got the BBR (and love it) :naughty:

Just kidding, Seriously, thanks for all the hard work and great objective info! :naughty:

The BBR Pipe is an excellent choice, but the Dr.D could be viewed as new and improved. I like the stainless steel tubing construction. I was a little disappointed when the paint burned off at the header bend on the BBR....... I know that BBR will be releasing a new "D" shaped muffler and updated exhaust as well.......... We'll see


photos and how loud is it? Any more then the stocker?

I will hopefully be Dyno testing it this weekend. I will also take some photos at that time and try to post them as well.

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