TTR/yz suspension

Here's my ttr 125 rear suspension conversion since some people have been asking about it. Requires about 30 hours of welding/fabrication and rear wheel work and about 500 bucks. (assuming you can get the wheel,shock,swingarm from ebay or cheap) But,,, it has 10 inches of travel just like the front! Ive welded the first ttr linkage onto the frame to attach the yz linkage to.. you can see the rest.

thats really cool.. its a lot more than i thought to get the shock on right.. i thought you could just cut down a little on the bottom "fork" part of the shock redrill a hole and vualla.. youd have a shock that fit.. btw what do you do with that bike? :naughty:

My niece races it and it's all that she can use at 16+ hp too! That top shock mount is raised about 1/4 inch and reinforced also in case anyone is doing this.

For a while this kind of conversion was a great idea but with the bbr conversions and cr/yz 80 conversions this is really the cheap mans solution and won't hold up with a top of the class 80 rider pounding on the frame.

yea..i was wondering how you thought it would old up... looked really good though. are you planning on buying a cr85 frame in the future :naughty:

if I had it to do over again I would put the ttr motor or an xr 200 motor in a cr 80 expert frame or just pick up someone's bbr conversion used. that would be 4k - 5 k though! when she stops racing in the next few years I'll just let the ttr go, don't plan on replacing it.

Thats an awesome looking set up. I bet you could sell directions on that if you wanted. If I had my TTR still I would have tried it.

It's cheaper and better than the bbr swingarm /works shock setup. 4" more travel! Plus you get disc brake! You can see how much work it is though.

Hi Hart,

That top shock mount is raised about 1/4 inch and reinforced also in case anyone is doing this.

How did you figure out that the top mount needed to be raised? We are looking at swingarms on ebay, but after reading your description of the labor and expense involved, adding a works shock is looking better.

Thanks again for sharing the details.


way to much work on a ttr

You want a 80 class 4 stroke what else you going to do??

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