Crash Video - Let's see 'em

Damn Bro, that looked rough, were both of you alright?

It wasn't pretty...

We both walked away. The worst hit was the final one. The car stuck the nose and then slammed the roof hard enough to bounce us over the road.

Tore the right side suspension off the car and Jay was a bit more sore than I, but otherwise, it wasn't THAT bad...

There's one flip in the video that's not caught. The camera jitters really badly during it. Jay and I both remember it, though.

Here is one. Kinda wimpy, but it's what I got. crash It's at the end of the clip.

I had a good one on my helmet cam ,but I didn't know I had run out of tape! :naughty:

I had a crash I caught on my helmet cam. It is not tramatic or a cool crash. It is just one of those that just hit you unexpectedly. Your riding, your riding BOOM! your on the ground. sand crash


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