will ttr225 exhaust fit on mt ttr230

I just bought a 2005 yamaha tt-r230 and cant find an aftermarket pipe for it. does anybody know if a tt-r225 pipe will fit? also will the front sprockets fit off a 225 onto a 230 i can't find a smaller front sprocket yet.


why would you want to put a 225 exhaust on your bike.. but i doubt it will fit because the 230 has a new frame so the mounts will probably be in different places

i want to put an aftermarket pipe on the bike and can't find one for the 230. and ebay has some for the 225.

ahh i see.. i thought you wanted to put a stock 225 muffler on your 230. which didn't make any sense to me


It will probably fit on the pipe, but you might need to come up with some creative mounting ideas.

as far as the pipe fitting the exhaust manifold on the cylinder.. your fine.. its the exact same engine that the 225 had. nothing changed engine wise, but again, they did some major frame work and shaved 20 pounds off the beast. so more than likely the mounting tabs will be off

ya it will hook up fine its just you will need to fabricate some brackets for yourself jut a lil bit of welding a few pieces together and youll be done!!

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