XR400 shifting problems. Help!!!

My 97' XR400 started having shifting problems recently. Took a few times banging up the lever to get into gear. Then it stopped shifting into gear all times. Shift lever, clutch (plates etc) looked good. I took off the right case and was able to peek into the shift spindle and drum. On the shift spindle the "Wrench looking thing" wasn't springing back after I manually moved it. So I believe the problem is with the Reset Spring. I can see the spring but can't tell if it is in place properly. My question is: Is there a fix for this without splitting the case? Any input would be great.



Dave that would be hard to tell without looking at it first,but you may be able to .


The exact same thing happened to my '97 XR400 about 6 weeks ago. I had to limp 3 miles out of the woods in 1st without ability to upshift. Interesting that yours is a '97 also.

I did tear mine down completely and it was, indeed, the tiny reset spring. I did not search for a way to replace it without splitting the cases because I wasn't sure of the problem. Afterwards it was very clear. However, in retrospect, I can't image how it could be replaced without spltting cases.

I ended up replacing the entire reset spring/return spring/spindle shaft assembly. My local Honda shop techs said the original '97 XR400 reset spring/return spring/spindle shaft combo was found to be very weak and the replacement employed a beefier alloy. Anyhow, I bit the bullet and replaced the entire assembly at a cost of about $135.

But it turned out to be an even larger project cause I had to buy a special tool to remove the flywheel, B Kit gasket set, and I went ahead and replaced stock piston with a good forged Wiseco kit (which I strongly recommend, by the way, especially if your bike smokes a bit on startup as mine did). Plus the swingarm pivot bolt was frozen in place so I had to DRILL that sorry son of gun out to get the engine out of the frame, etc. All in all, turned out to be a monster job (I went ahead and rebuilt the forks while I had her down) that ended up costing me more than $500 when all the financial dust settled.

If you can figure out how to replace this $3 (or $500) spring without tearing the engine down, man, I'd sure love to hear it in case I have to do it again.

Best of luck


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