Uni Filter Vents

As per the directions, I drilled 1" inch holes in my airbox cover for the vents. Of course, the holes are too big for the vents to hold securely :naughty: . So I figured I could epoxy them in, but NOTHING I've tried works. I've used standard epoxy, plastic-specific epoxy, marine-grade silicone adhesive, even crazy glue. None of it sticks, it just chips or peels off as soon as it dries. Anybody have any suggestions? I've got six neat little holes in my cover and nothing to stick in 'em. Thanks for the help...SC

Try some Automotive GOOP. This stuff adheres to almost anything. Prepare the surface before. Clean with brake cleaner and sand lightly to roughen up the surface. Put some tap on the external surface and apply the Goop around the edges of the vent. When you insert the vent in the holes. Use the tape to position the vents in the hole until it sets. It may take several hours to cure. You may want o try it on a small area to find out if it sticks to the air box surface.

what about getting a sheet of palstic a little bigger than your cut outs. Put some silicone between it and rivet it to the existing air box. You can do some practice holes on the plastic to get the right fit before installing it , just a thought.

I dont know how to get them in there now but I can tell you how to do it next time. We use a 3/4 inch hole saw bit then use a 'unibit' to get to the 1 inch mark. Then they pop in really tight. What happens with that soft plastic is it wobbles out when you try to go right to the 1 inch hole. My tech buddy learned this one the hard way and passed along the good tip to me. Sucks that you got six holes a little too big. But boy, do those things really increase air flow. :naughty: Good luck. :naughty:

Try some JB weld... That stuff is crazy strong..

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