What a BIG UGLY Tailight

So what were the Suzuki enginners thinking when they put that tailight on the 'S' model? What lights have you guys installed? Do you have any pics of the new lights and were do I get them? Do they install easy?

I keep looking at the sport bikes taillight and would like to adapt something like that maybe?

Thanks JJ


Ricky and Bubba Who? Last I seen Brad Lackey was the man

UFO is a good choice.

btw, regarding that "TV" tail light, it is for safety reason :naughty: :naughty: :D

or to meet some regulation.

IMO the stock one grows on you. I dont like the blinkers though............

The UFO works well but be sure to change those blinker bulbs!!!!

the LED tail light from bajadesigns looks the best IMO

The butt ugly taillight was the first thing I changed on my DRZ. I went with the LED Baja Designs setup, purchased right here from the TT Store. Looks great!

Cut the dang thing off just at the license plate line. Get rid of the spacer between the tail-light and the bracket and it doesn't look too bad. Remove the spacers on the turn-signals, drill a hole and use a sheet metal screw to remount. After moving them in, use some Marine Grade Goop around the joint. Looks much better and are not susceptible in a fall. Yeah, the stock design should get an "ugly" award but with a little thought, a Dremel and a little work you can make it all go away. And, a hell of a lot cheaper than after-market. :naughty:

I just took my UFO off and put on a Baja Designs LED. Looks much better.

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