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Same cans and a few other questions ???

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Hey guys, I'm real close to pulling the trigger on a '05 TE510. I ride a '03 KTM 250SX for my track days but need something more suitable for the woods.

Anyhow, few questions... Does the TE and TC 450 and 510's share the same exhaust ? I know the silencers are obviously different, but my question is would I be able to put a TC can from a 450 on the TE510 ? I downloaded the manuals from Husky and they appear to have the same numbers for the headers/mid pipe. I'd like to run a less restrictive can if I should decide to take the beast out for a track day and keep the TE silencer for the woods.

What about those DOT tires on the TE ? I ride in alot of slop and they sure appear to have a short knobbie pattern, wondering if I would need to swap out for a more suitable tire on the rear ??

Valves ??? I see that they use shims rather than the design of the KTM RFS. I had a 2003 525 EXC for a very short while and ride a 625 SXC set up in SM trim on the street. Both are/were very easy regarding valve adjustments. Can honestly say that I have never adjusted valves using shims and it seems like it might be a royal PITA. Concerns or are they fairly straight forward ??

Other than that I have to say that I am very impressed in the overall appearance of quality in the Husky. They seem to be on the same track as Katoom, using decent equipment rather than what the Jap bikes have to offer.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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As for shims being a PIA, the blue bikes and some others use what is called "Shim & Bucket" which was for several years thought to be the greatest tech but most designs required removing cams to change shims.

Now the FI guys have developed a better deal called "Cam Over Lever". This has several advantages over shim & bucket, slightly reduced engine height being the most important. The design Husky adopted design allows shim changes so easy it is hysterical.

The design KTM is using on their new 250SXF has the same advatages as the Husky system except they do have to remove the cams. The good news is theyno longer have to break and rivot chains.

My 05 450TE is getting close to the 1000 mile mark and I keep checking valves but have not changed a shim yet!

Mine came with Perrellis, same tire they supply at the ISDE. front is good in any conditions, rear is great soft terrain, horrible in hard terain.

I think the TC exhuast it Ti with straight thru muffler, TE system works so well I see little to gain? But I think you can swap mufflers back & forth on either forward section

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on the '05 TE 510 the can is very restrictive--in a good way for woods hook-up but in a 'could be better' way for desert racing.

Just bought a Doma race can for the 510...straight thru can.

SO for woods i will go OEM can and for competition its gonna be the Doma.

Another option for ya...

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