wooohooo! My first two 'real' tricks


No more poser comments :naughty: [had a few...fmx zak..well you should be able to do some real tricks] yada yada yada..im getting there

So far... stoppies,can can stoppies, wheelies,slow wheelies, double fender grabs, nac nac! and the weekend after next I will do a heelclicker, and a nac nac lookback... I can do heel clickers on the tramp bike now :cry:

unlike the 130ft triple I have proof :naughty:

Oh heres my whip... I'm getting there on that one...but its haarrrdd!


Double fender grab...still working on loooping it out more while doing that.


Heres the first and second shot of my nac nac... pics were taken early thru the day, my extension was better before we left...but in these pics... its safe to say the extension sucked! :D



And to finsish it off... another whip...I really need a better jump to practice them on....


If only i got that high off the ground...

unlike the 130ft triple I have proof :naughty:


how long have you been riding for? well anyways great job! keep it up

Looked great to me! Best thing I do is a cross up, and most of the time it's accidental. Keep practicing and we'll look for you on tv someday. :naughty:

:naughty: u look like your on your way for sure!

nice CR too..

Very nice!

Great photos.

Where are you riding, FMX ZAK? The photos are good.

290 Mx?

Really sweet pics! I can't get that much air much less take my hands off the bars or take my feet off the pegs. Thanks for letting me live through you!


Nice, but that shouldnt mean much from me I cant clear a double! LMAO

I'm riding at waco eagles in Waco Texas... The jump you see my trix on is about a 100ft camel back that i take in 3rd taped...4th pinned on a 125...3rd wfo on a 250F...[yes i have all of the mentioned bikes to test it on heh..]

I started MX in april of 04, but that was just my first time on a track... i still waited 2 more months to hit the local track on weekends... So I really started last summer... comming up around 1 year..

Im not getting that much air though... here is a pic of the whole camel back..and a shot of me right over the top...you get 15ftish off the top, and the jump is about 12 ft high... I guess if you took the midle out of the camel back it would be alot of air :naughty:

Ok here is a good shot of me doubling it...gives a nice look at the whole jump:)


And here is me right over the top of it,but the cam is a little bit closer and I was almost clearing the jump...pretty sure I came up a little short. the pic was taken last month the day I first tried and succeded on clearing the jump.


Thanks for the comments on my bike :naughty:

Any more questions?

here is me comming down the other side..


jeez, your right, that isnt much air, congrats on getting those tricks off that jump, next step...get a ramp, you will get a lot better tricks, that jump seems like you are in the air for 1/2 a second, i cant do too many tricks off jumps like that (not much of a lip), if you dont get a ramp, try heelclickers and cans off that jump, keep at it and you will get really good

my plans are to have a ramp by this summer, and get a 12 ft dirt landing in the front yard! w00t dad rox

I will try can cans and double cans if i can do a reg can, the weekend after next....19th I will have my 2nd race on my 250.. steppin up to the C class baby! :naughty:

Awesome pics man!

I have a 98 of 250!

that was the 1st gen aluminum frame right? :naughty:

That jump is cool it's not really crazy but its big and long. That stuff was sick! Keep up the awsome work and good luck in the C class, nice bike to. (I like the 130 ft. jump comment that I read for 30+ minutes and saw no pictures!)

sweet dude. if anyone rags on you for that then they're probably posing. i know how tough that is. sweet.

sweet dude. if anyone rags on you for that then they're probably posing. i know how tough that is. sweet.

Yeah but i dont call it "posing" anymore I call it "pulling a mx89"

what do u use for a tramp bike? i was thinking about it but dunno how to set it up.

BTW, those are some tight pics, keep pushing yourself.

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