KLX 650 Valve Check

I'm getting ready to check/adjust my valves on my 94 KLX 650. I just bought the bike. I haven't ever done this sort of valve adjustment. It looks hard reading the manual. Has anyone here done theirs and is it easier than it reads? Thanks. Steny

you can also do a google for Jay's famous KLR valve adjustment video. http://www.duchinproductions.com/videos.html (I'm assuming the KLX is very similar) I bought the DVD and it made the procedure as simple as pie! I was leery at first but was SO glad that I didn't pay my dealer $230 for what took me 2 - 3 hours. and it was fun to learn the inside of my bike too! It is empowering to "do-it-yourself".


Here's a KLX-specific page


I don't know if the KLX is shim-under or shim-over bucket. The KLR is over which means the camshafts can stay in. If the KLX is under, the camshafts will have to come out. The man to PM is Subterranean. My dad bought a killer KLX from him and the guy knows these motors well. Doing your shims is fairly easy once you've done it. Don't get discouraged! You'll save quite a bit of money doing it yourself rather than having a dealer do it.

I just looked at the fiche. It's shim-over, which is good. You do NOT have to take the cams out as shown on the page. A small screwdriver and magnet will get them out without removing the camshafts. Do your feeler gauge thing, do your math to figure what you need, and then roll the motor so the cam lobe is off the bucket. You can pop them out with little trouble. Have at it. :naughty:

Thanks Guys! Steny :naughty::naughty::D

I just checked mine for the first time last night, very easy\

The hardest part of the whole job was getting the valve cover off, and getting the two clamps broken free, the one ties together with the oil line, near the cam sprockets.

Then a small screwdriver, and tweesers, or a magnet, and the shims are out.

I had 0.00 clearance between the cam lobe and the spacer shim, and my bike was very hard to start wit hthe starter, but would fire when pop started imed.

I will report if this fixes the problem when my new valve shims arrive friday at the parts tore.


Lake Arrowhead California

2000 U.S. Marinies KLR650

Sounds good. My KLX has a 13:1 piston (95 LR Stroker kitted bike), but is hard to lite up. I'm hopping the valves are the problem. Already have troubled shooted the coil, stator, CDI and spark plug lead. And cleaned the carb once. Just bought a second KLX 650 (94) and might switch thecarb from it to my 95 to see if that makes a difference. Going to Baja this weekend. :naughty: Will work on it again next week. Steny

I'm an ass. You DO have to remove the cam caps, but just barely lift up the cam high enough to pop the shim out and slip the new one in. Sorry for the earlier bad info. :naughty:

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