Why do the KLR valves get tighter with wear???

does anyone know why the valve shim Clarence would actually tighten over time??? if the shim wore, the Clarence would get greater, if the lobe wore, the Clarence would get greater, if carbon built up on the valve or seat causing it to not seat as low, the Clarence would get greater... ? ? ?

does the valve seat actually wear or burn, letting the valve seat deeper? does the valve edge itself wear or burn letting the valve seat deeper? with the heat and the pressure from the valve spring does the valve stem stretch? all of the above? none of the above? I am stumped?



a.k.a. MainLine

a.k.a. SuaveGato

On most modern engines the valve clearances tighten up with wear.

The valve face and the valve seat wear away letting the valve ride higher

in the head. This is why it is important to check valve clearances regularly.

If an exhaust valve tightens up to the point where it is not fully closing it

can't shed it's heat into the head and will burn. If an intake valve tightens

up too much it will allow fuel/air to blow back through the carb causing

hard starting and poor running.

Many clutches also lose their freeplay as the plates wear.

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