Mounting a power outlet on a DRZ S

I want to mount a power outlet on my drz to power my gps and or charge cell phone. Anyone done it? Whats the best way to do it? Where did you mount it? Where did you get the parts? Thanks!

I went to the local walmart and bought a cig lighter y adapter, cut off one of the female ends and wired it in to the harness behind the gauges. Both constant 12v and switched are there for the choosing :naughty:

I did on me E I direct wired to my battery with an in line fuse and 3.1 volt converter for the gps. I can remove the converter and plug in a cell phone. works great I got all the parts at radio shack and the converter from garmin.

3.1 volt converter for the GPS

I think the BMW 12-Volt Accessory Outlets are best on motorcycles. Do a search on Google and you should find them.

3.1 volt converter for the GPS
Thanks I changed it!!!


I can't remember where I got mine from...but it has a 2 pin plug on one end that plugs into my battery tender pig tail and I run the cable under that tank and zip tie it off behind the headlight plastic.

I did find something you could adapt on this website if you wish.

I bought a whole setup from for $30 on my S. It comes with an in line fuse and the Garmin DC adapter has the volt converter already in it, so i did not have to worry about that. It set me back $30, but my brother bought all the accesories from Checkers and spent $22 to do the same with an E. It is a nice setup and I like it. I mounted it on the bracket where the light sits. It is a pretty smooth. If want to spend more money, the same website offers a BMW socket type outlet that is more secure and snaps in there better. It costs more for the accesories to make it work, but it was just fine with me.

There you go...that is where I got it from.

Pac-024 Get the 18" and plug it into your battery tender pig tail. Works sweet!

Yeah, that's what I did too. Can plug-in the GPS or the phone. Yet pull the plug if you don't want to use it. :naughty:

thanks for your help!!

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