Any one have an recomendations companies to go with for theft insurace

any help is appreciated. Looks like most companies are wanting me to get liability as well.

well, you have to love this one.. Here in Alberta, Canada, the provincial gov forces you to have liability and everything else is optional. (ie: theft, collision, etc). It never fails to amuse me to see 2-smoke mx-ers with license plates :)

My policy is with Jevco Jevco is notorious for blacklisting bikes that might cost them money, but somehow I am listed with them. (I'm sure it's a Canadian thing)

Progressive insures lots of bikes, including mine, at highly competitive rates.

i have a 2000 wr400 & progresive charges me $200 a year. the key is to tell them you keep the bike locked up in your garage

I better get in gear and get some insurance. When I was reviewing my home owner's policy with my agent back in February, I asked if my policy would cover the bike if it was stolen from my garage. I was told it would be covered only if the bike was disassembled. Life is so complicated!

I use Sullivan and Sullivan, (800-696-1478)which is $136, down from $144 of last year. If I go to a 15/30/10 plan, it goes down to $125. Well worth it.

And correct, the trick is to tell them you keep it in a locked "garage".

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