Proper cam chain tension HELP

I just had to replace an exhaust valve. Well, I removed the whole cam chain adjuster assy. Then I thought I could just install the whole assy and be right on. Well, when I tighten the assy down it seems like it has alot of preload.

How do you set proper cam chain tension ? Is it better to be a little on the loose side than the tight side ?

Just wondering how I should handle this ?

I can barely get the assy pushed up to the cylinder to get the bolts started.



Use a screwdriver to "loosen" the screw when thats inside one you remove the center bolt. Then install the tensioner. When you remove the screwdriver the tensionor will release and automatically set itself to the correct tension. The reason that you cant do it the way you are trying is because it locks itself in the all the way out position.

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