Need intake rocker arm for 2000 TE610

I have been waiting (backorder) for 4 months for a intake rocker arm for my TE610. Anybody have a new or used one??? I am going crazy waiting!!!.... :naughty:

How many dealers in California did you try? I try to stick with my dealer, but on an extended backorder you need to get creative. Give Uptite Husky, Motoxotica or Halls a try, contact info at Husky US website. Overseas... Husky Sport UK, Talesin, Zupin, R & D Husky (former Australian Husky importer).These are going to be high priced with currency exchange and shipping, it depends on how bad you want it.


Also keep an eye out on Ebay the 410/350 rockers will also work.This is any easy part to get.Your dealer is not trying!!

You can also try GP Motorcycles in San Diego. 619-233-4762

Is yours broken or adjuster bolts stripped ,let me know may have some cures,billf

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