KLX powerbomb cheaper than DRZ

I didn't think there was any difference in the KLX and DRZ but color. I noticed in my new rocky mountain catalog that the KLX power bomb headers are almost 30 bucks cheaper than the DRZ headers. They have the same part number but there is an A at the end of the KLX number. :naughty:

It's called supply and demand my friend, I'm sure the A is just to denote the price difference, so they can keep the product straight. There are far more DRZ riders than KLX riders and so the demand is higher on the DRZ, that my guess as to why it's more money.......buy the KLX pipe, it'll fit won't it?

Try and order it. They did not honor the advertised price on an FMF powerbomb for me that was $20 cheaper. TT store did!!!

That's weird because the Kawasaki was built in the Suzuki plant. They just used different colored stuff. Exact same bike. prairiedawg :naughty:

http://www.motorcycleproshop.com/ I just bought a powerbomb for here I think it was cheaper than anyone $155 put it on in less than five minuets. I don't know what difference they make but I put in a 162 M.jet . I wrenched in a used Biggun race silencer on to it with some heavy modding. sound Deeeeep.I built my own mid pipe but I do have one coming from ebay for $50 what a steal....

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