Southrn50,I need more exhaust mod info

In my thread "Could someone please explain this better", you said to put washers on the bolts in the exhaust to let more exhaust out. What 4 bolts are you talking about? I opened the exhaust can today by unscrewing the hex bolt and pulled out the guts(which obviously are all one piece), which leaves me with an empty exhaust can(no bolts are in there).

Got any pics of your exhaust mod?

there were 3 screws on the end of the can... other wise unless youve got some welders or torches and serious metal tools thats all the mod you need to do.. be happy with what youve got.. but if you shine a light down the end of the exhaust you can see i think 3 pipes that are about 6 inches down inside the can.. somehow people remove those.. i think tubo showed how to do it on a stick at the top of the page :naughty:

I checked inside the can...nothing in there. I guess I'm going to do the mod yamahadude posted in the PDF. It seems pretty easy, I'm not going to weld the cone on the end since its only cosmetic. Where the heck do i find stainless steel scouring pads?

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