Got a Pig

Listen to this deal..

Just picked up a '01 xr650r w/ 80 miles, like new of course for $2800. Seemed like I really got lucky with this one, for once.

It is completely stock, not even uncorked, so that will be the first order of business. I was wondering, do you think I should go right for the Edelbrock, or just rejet for the time being?

Damn thing is hard as heck to start.

Do whatever you'd like. Personally I'd reject/uncork and break it in some more. Then switch to the edelbrock. I added all my armor/guards before I went for more Horsepower.

Uncork it and set up the suspension before any horsepower mods..IMO

You'll find after uncorking the beast, It has plenty of HP.... :naughty:

Get the suspension set up for your weight and dialed in and that will make a big diff. on how it goes....

Smokin deal ya got on that BRP though... :naughty:

Do the simple inexpensive stuff first and see how you like it. $2.8K for almost new is a geat deal :naughty:

I agree with frankster, of course uncork, but suspension is a must. It totally changes the ride. I would also shed the bars. Stock bars are crap. I am happy with the protapers. Learning how to start with the ritual on stock carb should get you by, but the EBQS should be on your short list.

You may want to spend about $8 and change the countershaft seal. I do believe they were bad in the 2000-01 models. Nothing major, just FYI.


Find out from the previous owner if the counter shaft sprocket seal and clutch bushing have been replaced. If not, spend the $20 on parts and do it. The clutch bushing on my '01 was significantly galled with low milage and it is an easy fix. Bad things could happen if you don't replace it. Uncork it....ride. Set up suspension to suit you (spring rates and rear sag).....ride some more. Then decide on the carb. Mine starts well and runs great with the stock carb. The hesitation off idle occurse so infrequently for me, it surprizes me when it does happen. Maybe once a ride. Not a big deal to me. Replace the stock steel bars either now, or when you bend them. You will bend them. Have fun! :naughty:

PS - Did I mention replacing the clutch bushing? No need to have your good deal turn into a bad deal.

Welcome. I'm new to BRP ownership too so I know where you're coming from. 4 rides on my month old BRP and diggin it more each time.

So far I've uncorked it and rejetted the carb. Real easy to start worries. Changed the fork oil (whale snot) and greased the steering and linkage bearings.

Next on the list are fork and shock springs to get the suspension dialed for my weight, IMS wide footpegs (already ordered), and swap to the 4.6 gal tank (waiting in the box in the garage) before I plan to venture more than 60 miles from gas.

Read all the BRP sites and ride ride ride before you spend big bucks on anything.

Enjoy! :naughty:

Thanks for the help so far guys. Sounds like I will just rejet for now and get the clutch bushing and countershaft seal changed out.

I've never done any carb work since I'm fairly new to offroading, so I'm a bit intimidated by it. Should I track down a service manual or will looking at the guides online be enough for a newb?


I had a 2000 model 650R for three years, and never had any trouble with the clutch bushing or the countershaft seal, so who knows.

Don't forget to blue loctite the right footpeg bolts, kickstart lever bolt, and the upper subframe nut (remove the seat to get to it).

Uncork and re-jet the bike before doing anything to the engine, you'll be amazed at the power difference.

The engine lasts forever, don't worry about that part. The clutch plates seem weak, I had to replace mine twice in 4k miles. No big deal though it's pretty easy to do.

Starting the bike is very easy once it's re-jetted and uncorked. Two kicks cold, one kick hot, every time. Stock carb is ok for general use, but sputters on whoops and even small jumps.

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