yz 250 or yz 250f

hey you guys i wanted to see what bike you would recemond more because i have grew way to big for my littel ttr 125 and im 14 years old and im gonna start racing. ive rode a 2 stroke 250 and the yz 250f and they both have alot of power but i kinda wanted a two stroke because im gonna start raceing so wich bike do you think would be better :naughty: thanx

get the 250 f///it has plenty of power for you...if you get the YZ....YOU'LL PUT OUT YOUR EYE!! : Honestly, the yz might not be as much fun for you because it has too much power. Especially if you dont weigh much.

go with the yz250f.

ive rode my friends bored out kx 270 and i can control that thing through evry power band the resaon i do and dont want it because you have to rebuild two strokes :naughty:

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