The plastic deals that snap onto the front of the radiators to direct airflow and prevent roost damage... whatever they're called... louvers? Anyway, I want a set in black, I have a black frame and the white ones stick out like a sore thumb. I can't find anyone who makes them in black... does anyone know of any? Or, does anyone know of ones from a different bike that fit the CRF?

Hmm thats a good question. I have never really thought about it but black louvers would seem a lot more practical since the white ones show dirt and roost stains pretty bad :naughty:

I dont know of anybody making black ones. Just dye them black.... I dyed (sp*) several of the white parts on my CRF and they turned out great. Just pick up some RIT dye from walmart, mix it with some water, boil it on the stove, and start makin some trick parts. I never had a problem with the parts deforming. I was using medium heat.

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