new 2 4 stroke world

hello, ive recently purchased a new CRF250, dont pick up till next week. coming from 2 strokes with a 4 year break in riding. looks like agreat site thanks for any help i may need.

You're getting a great bike! Break it in like you intend to ride it, you don't need to baby your new baby. :naughty: It will need some service that you aren't used to doing. Change the engine and transmission oils frequently and you will greatly prolong it's life. The valves should be checked regularly, depending on how you ride / race the bike. The big manual that comes with the bike will give you lots of info, the rest you can get here. You can usually find your answers by just scanning back a few pages, or do a search of this forum.

There are a lot of posts about valves problems, don't let that scare you from having fun with your bike. This engine does have a shorter valve life than some others, but the replacement parts are less expensive too. Some guys have had failures or too much wear way too soon. Some haven't had problems for a good long time. You'll mostly read from the guys who have had trouble because they're looking for help or pissed off. You won't read a lot of posts from us that haven't had a problem because we don't want to make the others feel bad. Bragging that your bike ain't broke is very bad Karma. :naughty:

Ride it like 'ya stole it! :D

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