2 Stroke Help???

I know this is a 4 stroke website but is there anyone willing to help a brother out with my 2005 YZ 125?

ill take it off your hands

ill take it off your hands. what kind of help do you need

We need jus' a little more info. :naughty:

Thanks guys...heres the deal I have a 2005 YZ 125, I run pump gas with a Pro Circuit pipe/shorty silencer. I ride in socal mainly elevations ranging from sea level to about 2500'. I was hoping to get a baseline with my jetting. Is stock ok or should I start rejetting? Thanks again I know this is a 4 stroke forum!

well i just finished a 250 and a 125 05 set of bikes for a customer and out here in az both bikes needed race fuel to not rattle and detonate ,----i was able to get them jetted in nice on f&l sp3,---

he wanted to run pump but they both detonated badly .

so your pump may be better but be carfull.

i had to go three mains larger to get the 125 to not rattle and it lost power badly.

the 250 never did stop detonation .

we went to race fuel and i went 1 clip leaner on both needles and ran 1 size smaller on the 125 main and went 2 sizes smaller on the 250 main and we ended back with the stock pipes on both bikes for now , we tried" Flow pipes" and they were terrible and the pc pipes were less than stock of the corners and both the pc and the stock over rev was the same so oh well thats were we ended up. :naughty:

we also had v-force 3 reed blocks witch were very good gains.

Right on, thank you for the advice.

By no means I want to contradict Kelstr but... I am from Brazil and have rode (own) many 2 smokers in my not so long 11 years riding "career". I've used race fuels, avigas and pump gas on various smokers and with some patience (jetting) they all ran fine. And over here our pump gas has 25% alcohol (imposed by law!) which makes a little harder to jet. Right now I'm riding a 00' CR 250 using 95oct./25%alc. pump gas (called podium made by Petrobras-which makes the fuel that goes into the Williams F1 team). The bike comes with a 48pilot 178main. Mine is running perfect with a 55pilot and 182main. I don't know if I was of any help but... Good luck!

I appreciate everyones advice, the more the better. If anyone has any more tips please keep them coming!

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