Big brakes

The transformation is nearly complete. The big brake kit arrived today. Hooray!!

The steel braided line should be here soon.






Time to practice my stoppies. :naughty:

Sweet! Have you ridden with it yet? It's a whoooooole different world with the big rotor! :naughty:

nice, what brake disc is that?

EBC....looks just like mine.

Who's kit?

It look great :naughty:

sorry a little late :naughty:

It's an EBC kit complete with brake pads. I got it through a friend of mine who ordered one for himself. I heard about it and asked him to double his order. I'm not sure who he ordered it from.

I have only ridden it once and the rotor and pads, of course, haven't had the chance to bed-in yet, so I can't say how well they work yet.

The only problem with the kit is that they didn't include the bolts needed to attach the caliper to the relocation bracket. We had to scrounge those up for ourselves. Otherwise, it bolted right up.

Mine works good. The floating rotor gives you a clicking noise when braking. You need to check the buttons every now and then to be sure they rotate. If they will not rotate your supposed to replace them.

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