110 foot brake height

My son crashed his 110 and slightly bent the gray bar that runs across the bottom of the bike. You can tell its bent a little because the gray paint cracked. The result is that the rear foot brake lever is too low by about 1". I'm mechanically impaired - can someone tell me if I can raise the foot lever about 1" by adjusting the rear brake assembly?


From your description it sounds like he just bent it (the arm of the brake lever) further under the frame and footpeg mounts, which normally provides the upper "stop" when the pedal is released and returns to the normal resting position (I'm assuming that the gray bar you describe is the actual brake lever arm itself). If you lay the bike down on its left side you should be able to see where the bar used to contact the footpeg mount, because the metal will be bare and perhaps even a little worn. I would just grab the brake lever and bend it back to the normal position. If you can't do it by hand or with hand tools while it is still on the bike, you might have to take it off and reshape it using a vise, etc. It should be relatively easy to fix. If this happens a lot, I have seen aftermarket "over the top" brake levers that pass over the footpeg mounts and should be much less prone to damage, but they are pricey. Good luck!

Two bros sells a very nice looking over the top brake lever, but its one of those cosmetic things that is nice to have. it does change something though. It is pretty pricy.

I purchased an over the top lever , but be careful. I thought this would be great, but the since the bike had been ridden several times and of course crashed the bolt that the lever connects to was bent and thus the fit was bad. It scraped the case. IMO you would have to put this on the bike before it is ever ridden for a perfect fit. I sent mine back.


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