You guys see this? unbelievable

Tokyo - April 6, 2005: Massive changes coming from Japan

Including new supercross team colors for 2006

Courtesy Alliance of Japanese World Motorcycle Manufacturers Group Ltd. LLC.

The sport & business of supercross is changing big-time. Phrases are being tossed around like "Far reaching", "Unprecedented", "Dynamic", "Revolutionary", "Next level" and "Ground Breaking". This is the first in what is going to be many changes from the factories in Japan - wholesale changes in team colors worldwide. This affects the United States teams as well.

Commencing with the start of the 2006 supercross season, teams will debut their new color schemes:

Team Honda will be yellow

Team Kawasaki will be purple

Team Suzuki will be blue

Team Yamaha will be green

"This was a no-brainer" said Kaziyuma 'Ted' Toshikawa, President of the Tokyo-based Alliance of Japanese World Motorcycle Manufacturers Group Ltd. LLC. "You may recall that a few years ago Yamaha's were yellow (the Broc Glover, Bob Hannah era) and then red & white (the Damon Bradshaw era). We hope the public is accepting of these new changes, and, we are confident that change is good. We will be announcing our other changes in the very near future as well."

CRAZY :naughty:


Look at the date, short bus.

What?? :naughty:

What?? :naughty:

look at the date = april 1st - april fools

short bus = he believes u r not too bright

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