Starting Problems

Hey! I just picked up a brand new YZ250F! It's amazing, and so far I love it. The thing is I have a bit of a problem, starting the thumper when it is cold is IMPOSSIBLE!!! With my YZ 125, I'd pull the choke, 3 kicks later it was goin' no problem. The 3 or 4 times that I've started my new YZ250F I've had to kick the damn thing a million times, and it is very frustrating. When it is warm, it's no problem. I'm hoping it's just 'cause it's brand new or something, getting broken in perhaps? anybody's help on this matter would be great.

Thanx a ton!


search the yz250f forum.. theres a starting procedure..thats supposed to help a lot

Don't touch the throttle!

Is it jetted properly...?

It seems all bikes are lean from the factory........... :naughty:

hey i just had the sam prob with my kx250f. What i did to get her going was i took a hair dryer and aimed it at the head, left it on for about 20 minutes. It started first crank and the i was good for the rest of the day.

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